A few months ago my other hero, Paul de Leeuw, whose carreer I've followed since I was 12 wanted to make a segment in his Saturday night show 'Langs de Leeuw' about special persons in your life that have passed away.

You could write an email to them with some information about this person and why this person is so special to you and shouldn't be forgotten.

Of course I thought of Robert. I thought by contacting the show maybe other fans would remember him and people who never knew him maybe could become interested.
And meeting my other hero again would be a plus also of course. :-)

I wrote the email knowing that his team works pretty fast.
And sure, the next day they called me.

He asked me a bunch of questions. He didn't know Robert, and then asked me the one thing that is so obvious to yourself, yet so hard to make clear to someone else..
Why is this man so special to you, what drew you to him?

And then I started stuttering..
You know in your heart why you like someone, but how to explain? Especially to someone who doesn't know him. How to find the right words?

I could kick myself in that moment. Why didn't I think harder about it, putting it into words before they called me, when it was so obvious that this question would be asked.

..Eh.. yes.. It's always difficult to say what draws you to someone.. eh, he eh.. is a great actor and good with fans.. eh..and..eh.. really hard to say.. I mean I know.. but..

I don't even remember what I said but it was just the random stuff that could be said about every actor you may like.
I was deeply dissapointed in myself, felt like I failed.. Big time. Convinced they wouldn't call me back. And naturally, they didn't.

That Saturday I watched the Show with mixed feelings. 
They must have had more subjects than they thought because it started out with Paul singing a beautiful song with pictures of the special people that did get selected projected on the background.
No family or friends that told you a bit more about their loved one. No more attention than just the one picture. In a long line of pictures of other people's loved ones.

Although it would have been great to have seen Robert up there, he wouldn't have got the space he deserved in the show and that made me feel a bit better.

In the days after that, I decided to turn the tv, computer and every other distraction off and really sit down in peace and quiet and really think about what draws me to Robert Addie.
So in future, when asked, I can answer this question with all the love and passion I feel inside and maybe make the one who asked a bit curious and enthusiastic so that they want to know more too. :-)

If you read this, you're also a fan and don't need to be convinced of the talent of this wonderful man :-) But here's my statement. And I'm sticking to it. :-D 
" Why I love Robert Addie

As you know I saw him first in the role of Guy of Gisburne.
I will be honest, I didn't find him exceptionally handsome in the beginning. That wasn't why I saw that special thing in him.
Naturally I could see he was good looking. I saw the beautiful eyes and cute nose, I'm not blind.
He just wasn't my type. I just didn't like blond men. Sorry. :-P

The first thing I noticed when I looked online for the man behind Gisburne was that everyone was saying how lovely he was to his fans. I remember the first story I read was that one of the Paddington Train Station. ( http://www.economicvoice.com/classic-television-series-robin-of-sherwood-part-one/5003715/#axzz1U5q2RGpo )
And that he always wanted to talk to his fans and share a story. How proud he was of his Fanclub and how involved he was with the club. 

A huge thing for me was that he kind of had the same quality my other hero has, for the most part sweet, but could also be a rebel. 
I love how you can see those traits back in his acting too.
He could be so confident but vulnerable at the same time.

If he does a scene he is always all there. I mean, even if he's in the background he's acting. He gives it his all. Just a small movement or a slight change in facial expression. That is an absolute delight to watch over and over again. And everytime you see something new.

From all the stories, interviews en personal memories I read I can see a man with a great sense of humor.
Modest and polite unlike many other actors.

Maybe you know the situation that someone becomes more attractive to you the more you start liking them as a person. That also counts for me. So you can now forget the first sentences and be happy.
Yes, I admit, I fell for the man too. :-)

The way he moves and walks, the sound of his deep beautiful voice and that wonderful sophisticated British accent in which he says: ' hewlett packard laser printer'  in 'In the Red.'

That about sums it up. Why I love Robert Addie, and always will. :-)"

What things drew you first to him?

Mandy (3:57, 14 mrt 2017)
So true for me too Jol...I think originally he played a complex personality well. He played particularly villains very intensely and you could tell he loved acting and didn't care about being liked or popular. My favorite ROS episodes were when he was featured. I too am not particularly attracted to blond haired men either. But the voice, blue, blue eyes, smirking smile made me melt and I would have climbed that blond mountain!!! :-p.
Yitka (15:23, 2 jun 2016)
Hi Jol, what things drew ME first to him? Nothing, I hated his Gisburne when I was a kid deeply devoted to Robin - 30 years ago :-) But now - the more I know about Robert and his real life, about his devotion to the fans, about how witty and clever he was the more I like him and one day I might forgive him his Gizzy days :-) I have already read that train station story and I think it perfectly sums up how friendly to his fans he could be... He will never be forgotten!!
Jolanda (10:24, 12 nov 2013)
I'm very curious, Tanja. :-)
Tanja (22:39, 11 nov 2013)
....where shall I begin? :-)
I´ll talk about on the 21st novemember. :-)

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