The Hooded Man Convention 2016

25 May 2015

Finally!! Minor plans for the Con in 2016!

It was a struggle. All the possibilities lay open.

The main problem? Costumes!
I couldn't decide between two of them.

Problem number two? My travel company. :-)

Quit a few months ago I already bought tickets. You have to give up the names of the people who'll come on those tickets. Right away I registered my dear hubby. But out of nowhere a few weeks ago my mother mentioned that she would like to come with me if I had no one yet. 
Since my therapy and us going to the gym 2 times a week, we've been closer, maybe than we have ever been before. So I did want her to come but my husband's name was already on the ticket and I never considered anyone else. I knew that he isn't really thrilled on going and so I had a decision to make.
I made a Pro/ Con list on both. :-) And my hubby won. whahaha :-P Lucky him. 

And he got even more lucky!! Whahaha
Because I couldn't decide between the two costumes I had in mind, I told him that he had to wear one too. :)
Needles to say, my Lord king was not amused. whahahaa

Would you like to know how we are going to portrait next year??
***Drum Roll***

I think it was the end of last year that Abbott Hugo came to mind. Later I heard that Philip Jackson (Abbott Hugo) was coming to the Con himself too so I was excited. :-D
But then it was announced that Nickolas Grace (Sheriff) was coming also and I started to doubt. Because last year he asked me if my costume was one of his. And I had to say 'No. I'm one of your man.'
So I suddenly really wanted to make a Sheriff costume as well.

Yesterday I began searching for the perfect Sheriff costume and decided that there was no other way than to make my husband 'my brother.' whahaahahaa At least for the Con Weekend. :P

So so far I have decided:

- Who is coming along with me.

- Which Sheriff Costume to make.

- Who is going to be my lucky brother. :-P

If you are going to the Con next year, I'd like to urge to also come in a nice costume!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found it a pitty that not to much people were dressed up. I love the atmosphere it brings, so please do!!!!!!

Would you like to come and want to know more and how to get tickets? I will post more info tomorrow. :-)

26 May 2015


As promised yesterday, hereby the information you will need to purchase tickets.
A very limited number of DAY TICKETS are available NOW but be aware that they will be £95 for Adults and £75 for Under 16s (and that not all Guests will be appearing for both days of the weekend!!!). Room prices are not inclusive.

The WEEKEND TICKETS are currently sold out, BUT that doesn't mean there is no way to get one after all.
You can drop an email at: info@thehoodedman.co.uk to the lovely Barnaby Eaton- Jones and ask for him to put you on the 'waiting' list so that if tickets will come available again, you'll be the first to get the offer. Or maybe somewhere he already found one or two extra tickets you can purchase right away.
You can wait a few months. Experience teaches that there are always a some people who purchased tickets in the early stages that can't seem to make it after all and these tickets become available again!!!!!
They will let you know in the various ROS Groups on Facebook or just send me a message at furie@outlook.com. As soon as I see tickets popping up anywhere I can let you know. Be aware that you'll probably have to pay 10 GBP extra to Barnaby when you have taken over a ticket because he has to send you a new contract and put the tickets on your name.
WEEKEND TICKETS cost £140 for 16+ and over, £70 for 5 to 15 years old and free for 0-4 years old. 

For more info on the Convention, guests and programs just visit:

31 January 2016

It's been a loooong time since I updated the site.
A lot has been going on. I left my job in December and started my own bussiness on Etsy.com.

I tried to postpone thinking of the con. Because the truth is, I have no idea what so ever how to get there. whahaha
Bussiness is still going slow and so I really have to give my all these coming months to have enough money to buy a plane ticket. Where actually in the red numbers these days.

So I can't book the trip yet because I can't pay large amounts I have to pay in advance.
I did however pay for the Con tickets in full because of the awesome 6 month plan Barnaby offers when you reserve the tickets. Also the hotel en B&B I can book because that I don't have to pay in advance.

In May some extra money will come from Ronald's work. The so called Vacation Money. Which is just about enough to cover those costs. When I'm overseas I use my bank creditcard most so that means the bank will cash it the following month so that is perfect timing. So my biggest worry is paying for the plane, which is about 120 euro's per person and a rental car which of I have no idea how much we payed last year.          

But on the more positive side :P, we still have over 2 months to try and scrape some money together.

I haven't even started the costumes yet. Well, except for the Sheriffs hat. Which I started like a year ago. :D
So I better start soon! I even thought about just making the Sheriff costume, to spare time and money and leave my poor husband alone. Cause I know he really doesn't want to wear a costume anyway. whahaha
I just have to think about that.

So the plan for now:

Leaving Friday 29th of April for Chepstow.
Stay in the St. Pierre til Monday morning, than heading for Minchanhampton and Cirencester.
Spend Tuesday in Cirencester and leave on Wednesday morning 4th of May.
Sad that we can't spend more time in the UK. But than I shouldn't have quit my day job. whahah

I will update soon again. It is just a few months away now so I am forced to think of it now. whahaha