I think it's about time to give all of you a big Thank You! :-D    

When I joined the Fan Community I received such a warm welcome and I was very happy to see that so many fans are still very active and haven't forgotten Robert.    


I've met so many fellow Robert Addie and ROS fans and made many new  friends.

I love the way we respect each other, how we can discuss everything and how we support one an other. Whether it's in the AddiesFaction Mailing List, The Facebook Groups or here on my site. I'm really proud of that and the fact that I can be part of that.  


We know Robert was the best actor, but as far as I'm concerned I think we are the best Fanbase!                              

I have received a lot of  wonderful reactions in the groups and  in my Guestbook. 


You know I am a person who wants to answer to every single message you send to me but unfortunally, in my Guestbook I can't always do that because I think it would look a little strange if I wrote in my own Guestbook time after time.                           

And I'm odd enough as it is. ;-) whahaha.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

But I wanted you to know that all of your reactions, input and messages are very much appreciated!                                                    

I'm just glad I can make a small contribution. :-D      



So, Thank You!!! 

                                                For being such great and supporting fellow fans! 

                                                For all the wonderful things you write on all of the platforms!

                                                For visiting my Fansite!

                                                For all your friendship!

                                                For all the things I may have forgotten to mention here!

                                                For just being you!!!  

                                                Thank you!!!!!




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