The Pony Annuals

As you may know young Robert Addie can be found in a few Pony Annuals.
The most famous Pony Annual however belongs to Alison, who discovered Robert in one and even got it signed during a con!

But luckily for us, there are many Pony Annuals out there with our beloved Robert in it, although not signed, they are still worth looking at. :D

On Ebay they can be found for a few pounds and 9 out of 10 times the one you are looking for is for sale.

Because I got a lot of questions about which ones to get I decided to provide you with all the info you need on this page.
Because some sellers on Ebay use the publishing date rather then the cover date, which is always a year apart, it can be confusing which one is the right one. So besides the written info I also provided the cover pictures so you know for sure you found the right ones.

Info Source: Jane Badger Books