Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new section on Jolanda´s beautiful and big website about Robert Addie.

She asked me for some introducing words, because creating a RA magazine originally was my idea....though of course it´s living from the remarkable contributions of the loyal addiesfaction members.

Addiesfaction, a yahoogroups mailing list and the oldest fangroup for Robert in the web, in June 1999 became 15!! years old.
I liked the idea of creating a real printed fan magazine, to celebrate this special birthday....and the unique actor, who brought us all together.

Robert was with the group for a while, took part in chats and worked together with the creators of the original fanclub magazine, when addiesfaction was a classical fanclub too. It was a stimulating time, and that spirit still lives on.

It took a while, collecting all those inspiring, creative, funny and amazing works of my dear friends from the list. And I was happy, that they took part in the project.
Altogether 8 magazines have beeen printed and sent out....originally planned as present for them under the christmas tree. But because I´m slow and lazy (Jolanda....please don´t add this remark!! :-D ), the members mostly had to wait till mid of january.

After a while, the idea came up, to make the magazine a new chapter on this website....and I like to thank everybody here, who allowed us, to add their contribution for the RA magazine.
It won´t be published in a whole, but in parts....so there will be regular updates, that you shouldn´t miss.


Part 1 (of 8) 

Part 2 (of 8)

Tanja's very own contribution:

Part 8 of 8.

Jolanda (19:21, 18 jun 2015)
Hi Tanja,

Thank you for all your hard work and I can't wait to see what you are thinking of for christmas. :-D
Tanja (21:25, 17 jun 2015)
Thank you Jolanda, for bringing that online. It´s a wonderful experience, to see it that way. I have totally forgotten my last greeting to the readers of the magazine and now I have new inspiration for something else for x-mas this year.