Of course I am collecting all sorts of  Robert Addie  things I can get my hands on. 

Ebay is one of my best friends. Lachen                         

Over time, more and more collectables came together and I wanted a nice place to store my treasures.

And so,  a treasure chest came to mind!

I turned to my good friend ebay, and yes, there it was!

The chest that would become my Robert Addie Treasure Chest!    


I painted Robert's name on it in golden letters. 

It's not completely straight but the chest isn't either so I am happy with the result.

I call that artistic freedom. It looks better in real life. Lachen

By the way, do you own Robert Addie treasures that you don't want anymore, than don't hesitate to contact me! They can find a good home here! Lachen 

Behind the chest stands a sword. After the complete series of   'Robin of Sherwood'   that was the first item I bought. I searched for a sword that resembled Guy's ofcourse. Then, when I got it and looked at it closely I realised that it is actually a replica of  Excalibur. Well, it's name was Excalibur on the site but I thought that the name stood for the kind of sword it was. 

Anyway, two birds with one stone. I was excited!

On top of the chest is usually where my Gisburne-pillow houses. I had it made to keep me company in the hospital when I had my gallbladder removed. I was really nervous before the operation so I needed the protection. Tong uitsteken   

Now my husband doesn't really want it in our bed. Nah, can you understand that? I can't.Knipogen


Now do you want to see what treasures are inside?

Than take a look at the next pic.

August 2012


You can see my big fat Robert Addie Study Map with all the facts and stuff I needed to know in order to get acquainted to the man I grew to adore. Lachen 

Above the map on the right there is a precious slideshow made and given to me by Tanja. Thank you again!

I'm glad that a lot of movies and series came out on dvd. Whenever I can, I'll buy the original dvd's. But not everything is out on dvd (yet:-D)  and then I'm glad the internet exists.

The films I have so far:

Another Country

Dutch Girls

Red Dwarf series 3 

Red Dwarf Just The Smegs



Captain Jack

In The Red  (unofficial dvd)

A Hazard of Hearts

Bognor (unofficial dvd)

Stalky & Co. (unofficial)

A Knight in Camelot (unofficial dvd)

And ofcourse the complete series of   Robin of  Sherwood.

A few other highlights, Knipogen are my custom (home made) necklace and bracelets with a little picture of Guy who is looking at me angry when I don't stick to my diet. Or is my support at boring birthday parties. Tong uitsteken

I had two shirts printed also, (one on reserve) for my annual singing performance at my singing school in front of friends and family. (June 2012)

You can see that I take myself very seriously. LachenTong uitsteken           

Talking about music, amongst the collectables you can see the 80's album of Clannad called Legend with the Robin of Sherwood music. Later i bought the album Legend again that was printed later and had the Bonus Track:  'Cantoma Mix' on it.   (Told you I was was oddTong uitsteken

In the same row some cd-rom's with ROS pics.

And then there is a pair of Pony Annual's from 1977. Let me explain.:-)  I had bought one copy, totally sure that is was the right one but it took forever to arrive. I was afraid it wouldn't come anymore and I just had gotten some birthday money, so my completely logical reaction was to buy another. :P

Ofcourse, after a few days, they both arrived and than it turned out to be the wrong year. Althought there is a certain boy in it called  A. Addie. Maybe family??Lachen 

Next to those you see actually the right ones, published in 1978 and 1979.

I am joining the 2014  Hooded Man convention and I keep my little blue map with info in there too.

Then we have a German Magazine called: Bravo. It is about ROS but there is no Robert in it. Just a lot of Michael Pread so maybe i can trade that with a Pread fan. :-)

At last but not least, three envelopes you see contain a lot of Guy of Gisburne pics I bought on Ebay, a Guy of Gisburne HTV card and two Excalibur Photo/cards.

And so we conclude our Robert Addie Treasure Chest Tour from August 2012.

I will bring you a new update if I get some more neat treasures! :-)  



14 April 2013 

It's  been a while since I updated my Treasure Chest. So here are the new additions. :-)

Let's not tell my hubby I've been on Ebay so much for the last 8 months. :-P 


Where to start? from the left top:

The dvd from SA 2003 I bought from Gary. Very happy with that. :-)

Underneath that (not really clear) are some replica coins from Guy's time. (crazyyy:-D)

And thanks to Claire I knew that there was a Stalky & Co book with Robert as Stalky on the cover. Took me a while to find that but I succeeded!

Underneath the new dvd's:



The Return of  Sherlock Holmes

The Bill


First Olympics Athens 1896


Monarch of the Glen

Mary, Mother of Jesus

I'll take Manhattan

Lorna Doone

A knight in Camelot




Then  of course under the dvd's we have the pics and the stencil that were used in creating the tattoo. 

Next to the Stalky book there are two photobooks I created. My mother got a coupon to create an small album for free and a few weeks later I got the same coupon so I could do it again. :-D

There is one hardcover with Robert on the cover. I called it: Robert in Theater. It contains all the theater pics we know so far.

The second album (red) is called: Guy of Gisburne and contains my favourite pics of (You guessed it right:-P) Guy of  Gisburne. :-)

In front of them dangling is my homemade Guy-necklace. (See third pic too) Whenever I have a long hard day I wear it. Or for good luck. :-) So that's a lot.

And two Guy HTV cards.

Next to those there is a magazine: 'Film Review' from 1981 about Excalibur and a little add from Excalibur.

Also a Christmas card I got from Tanja which has a very nice pic of Robert inside.

And underneath a Excalibur press photo. I have a few of those now. 

That brings us to the next pic:  

6 mini Excalibur posters with Robert and the original envelope.

And my last pic:  


From left to right: My newest homemade Guy necklace. I wore that a lot the last couple of months. It was a hard time and when I felt sad or tired during the day I could look at it for strenght. I also wear it when I could use a little luck. :-)

Next to that it's Clanned Herne's Arrow Badge Pin I bought just recently from Dan. With thanks.

It's on  http://www.yourprops.com/Robin-of-Sherwood-Promo-Clannad-original-movie-costume-Robin-of-Sherwood-TV-1983-YP64482.html  as well and it's actually his pin you see. Well, now mine. :-P Unless he had more.

Moving on you see my homemade Guy bracelet.Which was a watch before. Wore that a lot too. When I'm around people and can't always get my necklace out but lift up my sleeve unseen is a bit easier. Sneakyyy!

And on the right you see my very first homemade bracelet. Basically a piece of elastic band with a paper copy and a lot of tape. whahah So very professional. :-P

And my first Guy necklace. Just a black in white copy. :-) But that I can fix.

Of course now because of my tattoo Robert is never far away. :-)

That was my more extended collection.

But now I have to safe up to go to the Tree Planting (see 'Memorial-Tree' in menu) so that means no more Ebay for me!

At least for a while. :-D                                                

February 2014  

I thought I would have little to add to the site but when I looked at everything that came together in the last year it did add up. So here we go! :-D


From left to right: Dvd with the Tree Planting in Cirencester from 20 November 2013, Dvd's SA 1997, 1998, 2000 & 2003. With a big big thank you to Alison B. who brought these for me to see when we met in Cirencester and gave me kind permission to copy them. 
Next to that you can see some folders and cards about Cirencester. In front of that the TicTac box with the 'Holy ground of Cirencester', Some toiletpaper from the lavatory in 'The Crown' (don't ask. whaha) and the doomed thimble from the church. 
Jackie gave me her card so that I had to put in to the chest of course and a 'In remembrance Cross' I got in the church for donating some money. And next to that my whole planning and route for the trip. And I just realised I forgot the Star- necklace I bought in Cirencester but you can read everything about the trip to Cirencester and these items on the 'Memorial Tree Planting' page. :-)

Pic number 2:  

Before the Planting there was a piece on the website of The Gloucestershire Echo which I printed. It's in the middle. Then I was obsessed by getting the original paper too. (left) I thought that would be a problem because it was in there weeks before I came to Cirencester. Luckily you can easily order it by phone. I thought that it wouldn't arrive because it took like five weeks before I got it. I had already been back from the UK for two weeks so it was a very nice surprise when I finally got it! 
Another great surprise you can see on the right. :-) Tanja's mother bought the Ladies in Charge dvd for me! I was very happy. It was a lovely Christmas gift. I will get her something nice too from the Con. Thank you again Tanja's mom! :-)

A while ago I bought a Mordred chrome coat print on Ebay. This is just a copy of Certificate of Authenticity because mine is still in the cardboard tube it came in. Unfortunately it was not framed so I will have an expert to do it. Not burning my fingers on this one. I haven't looked into that because I fear it will cost a bit to do that and I have to get myself to the Con first. whahah

The print is Hand Signed and Numbered by artist MICHAEL CHAMPION - one of the premier 'up and coming' artists of today. It is printed on a metallic based paper - Brushed Silver Chrome Coated paper and Toyo Black ink. This is a bold new approach to printing in the comic industry. The print measures 18" x 24". They are still available on Ebay if you want one. :-)

  On this pic you can see a few cards I got from Renata and Tanja for Christmas and a little thank you from Tanja. Which she didn't have to do. :-) Those are dear to me too and so they have found their place in the treasure chest. 
Do you remember the coin- story from the 'Memorial Tree Planting' page? Well, I finally found a hanger to keep the coin in. (right) And on the left side of that you see the old watch it was in first, which now holds the other coin because I couldn't bring myself to just take it back to the UK in May. I wasn't absolutely sure which coin I found. whaha

 Also a few months ago Paul Wilburn, who is in the Facebook group Spirit of Sherwood made a limited edition of his self designed ROS shirt. Couldn't resist to get one. :-) 
And because Robert is spotted in a few Pony Annuals I bought a whole lot of them on Ebay and discoverd a new picture in the one from 1974. I can't tell you how happy I was! And the one from 1977 I already had as you might have read earlier on this page but the boy in there was listed as A. Addie. And also the names were in the wrong order so I didn't think it was him. Nina and a lot of other members were sure though. And I must admit they were absolutely right!! In the 1974 edition Robert is called Alastair Addie and there is no doubt it's him. So for some reason in his teens he was called Alastair. And why not. It's a cute name. :-) So far we have spotted him in four Annuals.

The next two pics are of stuff I had for a while but forgot to mention because they are not really in the chest because I wear them. :-)
The first picture shows the shirt I had printed for the show I talk about on the 'Why Robert Addie?' page. It holds some of my favorite pics from young and older Robert.

It must been more then a year since I had the shoes made you see on the next pic.


I had them printed online. Luckily they were not that expensive because the first pair I ordered I wasn't super happy with. (right) But that wasn't the website's fault.
On the site they had an black & white picture example but you could make them in color too. And add a frame if you wished too. I choose one of my favorite Guy pictures in color. But when I saw them up close I was not as clear as I thought it would come out like on the preview on that site.
I knew I had to leave the frame behind so the pic would be a little bigger and decided to go for another picture to be on the safe side. In black & white this time. 
That was a good decision because the next pair (left) came out great! 
It's a bit of a pitty that you could only order white shoes because they get dirty so fast. I try to be careful with them. :-)

Wow. Wasn't that a lot?! 
I guess I have to update more often. Maybe after the con? 

Jolanda (18:52, 5 jan 2015)
Hi Tanja,

I'm so sorry for my late reply. I'm supposed to get a message whenever someone posts a comment but I never get one. :(

No, you haven't! I'm sorry, I made a mistake.Probably counted the one I have double, double. whahahaha
Tanja (16:51, 5 sep 2014)
Hi Jolanda,
you speak about 5 Pony Annuals, but don´t we have only three? Pleaaaaase tell me, that I DON´T miss something!! :-D

5 January 2015

It's been ages since I updated the Treasure Chest page.
But because of that, I do have gathered some new things to share with you. :-)

So let's get started, shall we? 
Take a look at the first pic:  The first item on the top is a movie brochure from 'Another Country.'
It has Robert on the front but that's not very clearly visible because of the small size of the picture, but he's the middle one on the bottomside of the brochure. It's the scene where he has to be held back because he wants to attack the main character.
Under that you can see my copies of SA 2000 and 2003 programms and letters Tanja copied for me. With kind permission of Laura, who the originals belonged too. 

Picture 2:

 On the top of the picture you see the scrapbook I made from both my visits to the UK and the Con. You see Guy's head sticking out, that is the lovely card I kept in the envelope I got from Jane during the 2014 Hooded Man Con. :-) 
And of course all the pictures and autographs I got during the Con.

Are you curious to see what 's next? Take a look : 

Tanja made a wonderful RA Magazine you can see on the left. It has contributions of all of us from AddiesFaction. Good work people! My, you're all talented!
Tanja has had a lot of work making this and it's come out beautiful! I still have to read a lot of it. It just came in the mail. :-)
You did a great job, Tanja! Thank you!

Next to that you see the book 'The Complete Adventures of Robin of Sherwood.' with Jason on the cover. I got that from my good friend Pat. Thanks again Pat!! xxxx
Next to that we have the ROS Annual. My best frenemie :-P Tony, gave it to me because he felt sorry for me when I was a bit under the weather. Thanks Tony! You and Della are sweet!! Even though you are a Wolfshead. whahaha
And I have bought the book: 'The Hooded Man, Volume One'. During the Con. 

Now what have we here?
 Let's say it's my mini Treasure Chest. whahhaha
It's a jewelry box (with music whaha) I keep my 'Cirencester Jewelry' in and the stones from The Barn and the Priory. SSSssttt!!! I've been bad. But I did manage to get it into the plane so it's only half illegal.. right???!..... :-P

 Precious!!!   The upper drawers aren't real drawers..  ..and the middle one doesn't fit anything else in but rings.

Unfortunately this concludes the new things in the Treasure Chest for now. :-) I hope I can add more things soon! :-D

Jolanda (9:52, 29 mei 2015)
Hi Tanja,

Yes, I know. Crime is my middle name. :P whahaha xx
Tanja (13:15, 8 jan 2015)
Jolanda, I like the mini treasure chest a lot, it's such a nice idea.to use that for the UK jjewelry.
Stones from the Barn and the Prioy? Tststs.....bad girl:-D But I understand that. I have a box with red australian sand.:-D

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