25 November 2013

The Tree has been planted!

A lot of you have followed the progress of realising the Memorial Tree for Robert. Or even helped. With your votes, your donations and your support.

Or maybe you're new to this fansite or the various groups? And you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Than please read this page as it contains all the information and adventures that came with organising the Memorial Tree for Robert. :-)






14 April 2013  

Just a real short update:
Couldn't really sleep last night. So I finally made the decision: I'm going to the Planting! 

And so I figured out a whole financial plan how to make it work. I know, I have no life. :-P
I have no idea yet who is going to accompany me or where to stay or..?.. I just know: I'm going. :-)
I'm so happy Alison of the AFML is going too so I won't be alone. I hope Magdalena will find a way to come too. Would be nice as it was her idea and it would be lovely to meet her too. :-)
Only thing that's sure now: No more Ebay for me for a while! whahaha ;-)





17 april 2013 

On the AFML we started a list where people can enter there suggestions for the plaque text.

But ofcourse not every Robert fan is a member there. So we've opened a Email Form (thank you for all your help, Claire. :D ) so everyone can simply send their idea's about what text you would like to see on the plaque.  

Here are the entries people made before you:

„Thank you for so many happy moments“
in love....from your fans
Robert Addie
10.02.1960 – 20.11.2003
- a great actor and a very special person -

In treasured memory of
Robert Alastair Addie
10th February 1960 – 20th November 2003
A gifted and unique man who will always be
remembered with love by his many fans.

(Alison A.)
This tree was planted in memory of Robert Alistair Addie, 

10th Februari 1960- 20th November 2003
a great actor and very special person.
As long as you are remembered, you can never really die
Always in our hearts.. from all your admirers.

 In loving memory of
Robert Alastair Addie
10th February 1960 – 20th November 2003

A gifted actor, best known for his roles as Sir Guy of Gisburne in the TV Series "Robin of Sherwood"
& Mordred in John Boorman's "Excalibur"

He will always be loved and remembered by his many fans around the world for 
his great work, 
his kindness 
his unique humour and 
the joy he gave to everybody!


In memory of Robert Addie
February 10, 1960 ~ November 20, 2003
Tree planted with the admiration and gratitude of his fans.
A life that touches others goes on forever.



Robert Alistair Addie
10.02.1960 – 20.11.2003

You remain secure in our memories
rooted in our existence
Always in our hearts...
From all your fans


In loving memory of our beloved Robert Alastair Addie.
You are forever in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of Robert Addie February 10, 1960 ~ November 20, 2003
Who changed the world for the better in so many ways. 
He warmed the hearts of fans from numerous countries and charmed us with his marvelous acting talent. 
He also gave us the opportunity of loving him, which has been a very important part of our lives.

Because the suggestions can not be seen by everyone I will put them here in the examples. Please let me know if you want to stay anonymous. We can arrange that. :-) 

Also, if you have a fitting charity in mind where any left over money from the project should go, please let us know via the Form too. :-)


Charity Suggestions that have been made so far: 

- British Lung Foundation
- Cancer Research UK,     http://donateinmemory.cancerresearchuk.org/
- Something with horses

- Something with theater

(The Plaque Suggestion Email form has been closed!
But you can now vote for your favourite plaque text and Charity on the 'TREE-POLL' PAGE!) 


19 June 2013

There is not a lot of news that I can tell you.
Madalena, who came up with the great idea for the tree, is currently trying to get a date from the counsil so that everyone who wants to go to the planting can begin planning their trip a.s.o. :-D
But if they work the way that the counsil here does, then I fear it will take them forever to come up with a date. whahah
But just so you know, we're on it! :-D

You have just 1,5 weeks left to submit your plaque suggestion and Charity option.
After that, a poll will appear where you can vote for your favourite text.
To send your suggestion, please use the email form below.
Or if you prefer, for whatever reason, you can just mail it to me. :-D
That's it for now. I hope I can tell you a bit more soon. :-)
17 July 2013 

The Email Form for your Plaque Suggestions has been removed.

Thank you all for your contributions. They are highly appreciated! :-)

You can NOW vote for your favourite Plaque text AND favourite Charity in the Polls on the "TREE-POLL" Page!! :-D

And so, bit by bit, the Tree for Robert becomes more real everyday. :-D

1 August 2013 

I know a lot of you are waiting for news about the date of the planting.
Magdalena has send a new mail to the Cirencester Town Counsil to request a date because it's been a few weeks and we haven't heard back again. But as we all know, the summer holiday's aren't over yet so I think we should be patient with them. :-) Ofcourse, as soon as we hear anything you can read it here. 

Last week Lydia thought it would be a good idea to send a link to this page to the Town Counsil Facebook page so they can see what we, as fans, are up to in the process of  making the Tree for Robert come to life.
And maybe people in the Cirencester area who would be interested, know that this is going to happen soon.
So I did and they haven't deleted it so that's good. 
We haven't had any reactions yet, but as experience taught us, that doesn't mean people aren't interested or do not read it. 
Today I send a message (ofcourse Lydia's idea too) to the Facebook page of  The Crown for the same reasons. As you die-hard fans know, Robert came there regularly.
I hope they don't consider it spam and will be supportive.

I just want to point out that if you aren't on this site a lot and forget to check the news  there are other possibilities to keep updated.
Reminders and news will be posted also in:

The Official Robert Addie Fanclub, AddiesFaction Mailing List on Yahoo:

My Robert Addie Group on Facebook: Robert Addie FanPage: 

Stephanie's Robert Addie Group on Facebook: Robert Addie Fan Group:

And ofcourse the Memorial Page Stepanie and I took over from Richard: Robert Addie 1960 - 2003:

Speaking about reminders :-), have you already cast your vote for the plaque text and charity?
No? Then click in the menu on: Tree-Poll and cast your votes! :-D

16 August 2013

Only two days before the closing of the polls!!

Just finished spamming the whole Ros-world with the last reminders.
I hope to find a few Robert fans who would also like to vote and be a part of the Tree-project but maybe weren't aware of the existence of it yet. :-) 

Coming Sunday I will close the polls and put another one up for everyone to choose for their favourite Text Font and Text Colour that the plaque company has available. 
Once we have those results, we're ready to order the plaque I think. :-)
I'll keep you posted! :-)

18 August 2013

Dear fellow fans,
Thank you all for the votes for your favourite Plaque Text!

The results are in! 
There were 32 votes. 10 of those went to our winner: 

Text 5, written by Claire!!

In memory of Robert Addie
February 10, 1960 ~ November 20, 2003
Tree planted with the admiration and gratitude of his fans.
A life that touches others goes on forever.


A lot of you know Claire who´s been a member of the Fanclub since the beginning and is also a moderator for the AddiesFaction Mailing List on Yahoo. And who could forget her marvellous Gisburne´s Nasty Knight website!


Here are the end results for the Plaque Text Poll:

The new poll for the Text Colour and Font is up now!
It will stay up for two weeks. We´ll close it on September 1.

Because we have quite a bit before we have to know where the left-over money (if we have any) should go, we decided to leave the Charity Poll up the coming months.

19 August 2013 

I noticed, when I made the examples for the colour/font Poll, that each line on the Plaque can only contain 30 characters so maybe some things wouldn´t fit.
So when I closed the poll and saw Claire had won I tried it and send her a message to deliberate. 
Luckely there were only ´problems´ with 2 sentences and we only had to make two minor adjustments.
The original text was:
In Memory of Robert Addie
February 10, 1960 ~ November 20, 2003
Tree planted with the admiration and gratitude of his fans.
A life that touches others goes on forever.
The 'new' text is:
In Memory of Robert Addie
10.02.1960 – 20.11.2003
Tree planted with admiration and gratitude of his fans.
A life that touches others goes on forever.
As you can see, or maybe you won't even notice :-), we changed the date style and we lost the "the" before the word admiration.
Just so everyone knows and there won't be any mistakes regarding that. :-)

1 September 2013 

The results of the second poll are in!
All you lovely fans have spoken.
Our Text font will be: Arial and our Text colour will be: Black

Here you can see the endresults of the second poll:

Now, ik know what your thinking.. Will there be a new poll? :-) 
And the answer is: Yes there will be. 
We are waiting for the Town Counsil to let us know what choises we have when it comes to the tree itself. 
We almost forgot that important fact. :-D

Also, we're still working on the date. The counsil let us know the following: 
"To an extent we can fit around your requirements-  assuming it would be a week day. However, you do need to bear in mind that weather may play a factor- though its been a long time since we have had snow in November !" 

So still nothing concrete when it comes to the date but we're getting closer! :-)
We'll let you know as soon as we have news.

24 September 2013

Cirencester, here we come!!! 

No, don't worry! You haven't missed anything. We still don't have a date. 
There were some technical problems so we send the message again to the Counsil.
Lydia has taken the task to order the Plaque and it's on it's way to Cirencester. :-) They promissed to take care of it until the planting.
In her message to the Counsil, repeating our questions, she also made it very clear that some of us want to be there for the planting and we have to start planning our trip now. So we hope for news soon.

It would be nice too book some stuff so I can sleep again and another thing is, how longer you wait to book and how closer you book to that date, how more expensive it's gonna get. 
So dear Counsil, we neeeeed that date now!

Until then, I can hardly sleep. I'm so excited! 
I've been searching for B&B's and have a few options now, I have done the math on 4 different ways to travel to Cirencester. I have looked into all the Ferry-possibilities, I've contacted Magdalena, who knows the hot spots in the Cirencester area, so I know where the Memorial Garden is, and I've printed a few maps and highlighted all the places I want to visit while we're there. :-)

So here is what I know for sure til now :-) :

I will be traveling with my mother. 
We will take the car with us and go by Ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich and drive to Cirencester.
Places I'd like to visit also are: The Crown, Church of  St. John and of course Minchinhampton. 

If there are any problems, I know where the Town Counsil is and I have marked the locations of a few B&B's in the neighbourhood. :-)

If you have read my Convention page, you know that we want to visit Cirencester again next year. Before or after the con. I think in the week before. :-) And some Ros locations too.

I took a look at our savings account and got a little concerned. To say the least.

I'm very good in spending money in general, but my car had to go in for the yearly vehicle inspection and had to have some repairs. And I know my husband's car has to undergo that soon too.
And the costs to go to Cirencester for the planting are a few hundred euro's more expensive then I first thought in my enthusiasme and naivety.

I had to come up with a brilliant idea to safe money more quickly, or I would not able to go in November or the week before the Con!

So I thought of someone I know who spends her Sunday's at the Jumble Sale.
For 5 Euro's you can buy 5 meters of space and sell all the old clutter you have laying around. :-)
I had already tried the internet but it wasn't a big succes. This will be so much faster. And as far as I'm concerned, every Euro counts. :-D

So while emailing my mother about the travel and the costs, because she wants to pay a part to and I will not hear of that,  I pitched that idea. :-)
For fun I asked her if she had some old junk laying around too, so we could go together and I was veeerrrry surprised that she said she did and she would like to go! Whahaha 
That's so not my mother! Whaha
But I'm very glad. I don't have to go alone, we get rid of  some old stuff and earn some money for the trip! And hopefully a little extra for next year.
Then the savings on our bank account will be just enough to cover the Convention & Co. costs. :-D
I say: Let's sell!!!! 

24 September 2013

Ladies en Gentlemen, the Plaque is ordered!!! 
Lydia ordered it last week but I forgot to tell you. :-) 
She send the Counsil a message to take care of it when it arrives there and they promissed. :-) 

You won't be surprised but unfortunately we are still waiting for our precious planting date.
We had some technacal difficulties so we send a few questions to the Counsil again,  just in case, so we hope for news soon. Lydia posted her message to the Counsil in AddiesFaction too and I saw that she made it clear that some of us want to be there for the planting and need to plan our trips now! :-D

I plan on going too and today I added a new page to the Fansite called:  'Memorial-Tree-Planting'. 
As from now you can read all about my preparations and of course a nice report on our trip to Cirencester and the planting.
I hope you will enjoy that. :-D

As always, I'll keep you posted. 
And trust me, if the date is finally known, you will not miss it! whaha

26 September 2013

We have a date!!
For the jumble sale that is. :-) 
Sorry, I had to tease you a bit. :-D Gotta keep your attention, don't I. 
I must say, in all honesty, I'm getting impatient. I'm really on the verge of calling the Counsil.
Open your agenda and pick a d*mn date!! 
.. Calm.. Breathe in.. Breathe out... Yin Yang.. Zen.. Sigh.. Sorry, I'm better now. :-D

About the jumle sale, my mother and I are going to show off our sales skills on Sunday the 20th of October.
And yes, there will be pictures! Whaha I think it's going to be fun.

And while we're all waiting for a date for the planting to appear, I keep myself occupied by printing my (Google) maps of  Cirencester and area and watching the movie 'Dutch Girls' again. If you've seen it, you know that Robert took the ferry to The Netherlands in that film.

I wanted to check if we were going to be on the same boat. :-) Fat chance of course. It was 1985. :-P
First I checked out the route because there are two. 
From New Castle to Ijmuiden and (the one we'll take) from Harwich to Hoek van Holland.

In the movie they start of by bus and take the night train. The boys than ask their teacher when they will arrive in London. "Very early in the morning."  He replies. 
So that would imply that they are indeed headed for Harwich. I just don't understand why it takes them so long to get there. :-D
Then they get on the boat and it's still light when they arrive. So that speaks for Harwich - Hoek van Holland too because that's a journey  of about 6,5 hours. The New Castle - Ijmuiden route takes about 15 hours.

And then the ferry itself. 
We are going with Stena Line. The colours of the boat are completely different and, as far as I can see, the colours from the other companies too. But again, it's been almost 30 years. whaha
Of course I made pics to compare. :-P

But then I read on the Stena Line site that the ferries we're going to travel on are two new ferries. 
Well at least I think it's the same route... If that hasn't been changed in 30 years. ;-) 

27 September 2013

Yet another day has gone by.. Without any news.
I know I have to be patient. But it's coming to an end soon. :-) 
I've decided to wait patiently til the 1st or second of October, so the coming week. Then I'll throw the cat among the pigeons and strongly suggest on the list that we should just call the Counsil because this is taken way to long. We're lucky to get an answer to every email within to weeks and franky, we're running out of time.
We still don't know what kind of tree we're planting, we don't know if we have to order the rock or  stone on which the Plaque is going to be attached. And of course the planting date.

The longer I have to wait to book, the more expensive it's gonna get. That goes for the ferry and the B&B. And that is of course a point of concern. I'm not rich. I'm a cleaning lady for pete's sake. And so is my mother. :-)

But... For now, take it as it comes, go with the flow and keep busy. :-D
Looking for things I can do without having to think about it to much because I'm having a hard time focussing on anything else. whaha
Special project of the day: Varnish my Treasure Chest. :-D

My grandfather varnishes his table a few weeks ago and it was so smooth and nice and shiny. 
I said: "That's exactly what I wanted to do to my Treasure Chest. Make it so shiny that even the dust will slide off. whaha
He said he's been using special varnish for boats. whaha And then gave me the can of varnish. He said he was done with it anyway and I could take it home. :-) I of course was very happy and thankful.
So I guess, when I'm done with it, I can sail in my Treasure Chest to England. whaha

I started with the first coat (other varnish that he gave me) which dried up pretty fast but then didn't look shiny.

I was varnishing from top to bottom and inside out and when everything was dry I tried a bit of the other can on the inside to see if it would give the results I want. But pretty quickly I saw that this is a kind that takes forever to dry.
So when it wasn't dry yet after supper, I just tried it on the outide on the end view so it can dry all night and hopefully it gives me the results I want in the morning. :-D 
When I get back from work tomorrow I hope to finish it. :-)

2 October 2013

Already October.
Yesterday I send a message to AFML if we could call the Counsil now.
Because it's a group effort it can take some time to get an answer. The right person has to read it first, then probably will send a message to our contact in England. Wait til she reads it and calls. 
Pff, I hope they can manage it before the weekend. 
I know. I should be patient...

So.. I t's back to entertaining myself until we get some answers we want! :-D

The Treasure Chest is done! :-D It's nice and shiney now and hopefully well protected against our damp house and everything else that it has to withstand here. :-D

The Convention 2014 costume is up next. :-D
I will update on the 'Convention-2014' page. Otherwise I will have a double story.
But everytime I add a piece here or somewhere else you can read it on the 'News' page. I always write there what and where I have put something new so you don't have to look for it. :-D

5 October 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've got a date!!!!!!

It's going to be the date we requested: November 20th 2013,  2.00 hrs.

All excited I went to update my fansite, only to discover my host is working on the site so I couldn't enter. whaha  So I'm sorry I was late. :-)

We also had a question regarding the stones that Magdalena saw were the plaque is attached to and if we had a choice in the kind of tree we get. 
The Counsil let us know that they provide the stone and pick the tree, in our case this will probably be a cherry tree.

This was the last kind I had thought about. An oak or something like that comes to mind sooner. 
But I'm very happy with the choice.
It beautiful and colourful. And it will stand out from the green trees, like Robert from the rest of the actors.  :-)

What do you think? And are you coming to the planting too? :-D

5 October 2013

In case you missed it, the date is known!!!
The planting is on:
                                              Wednesday 20 November 2013 
                                              at 2.00 pm 
                                              Jack Gardner Memorial Gardens 

I hope a lot of fans will attend! :-)

6 October 2013 

The date is here and I'm over the moon!
I really hope the weather is good enough to actually plant the tree that day. whaha I must say I'm a little bit concerned because you never know.
My mother and I will be traveling on Tuesday the 19th to Cirencester and will arrive late in the evening and will be back on the ferry home on Thursday 21 at about 23.00 pm. So we have an extra day if things go horribly wrong. :-P
But let's hope Robert is watching and sends us some nice planting weather. :-)

I'm not nervous anymore awaiting the date but now I'm to nervous/ happy to sit still. :-P
I bought 2 cheap second hand trolley's for the convention. One (dark) blue. Which I decided to give the "club colors'. whaha
I'll take that one to Cirencester too. :-)

The first coat is on there. The colours are silver/white so the basic is silver and over that I'll give it a whit, thin layer. :-)
Btw, see my beautiful fridge in the right upper corner?

Our old fridge was dying for the last year and I've had my eye on this beauty ever since. :-) 
This summer the old fridge gave up and I was ready to order this one. :-D

My husband thought it was to expensive and he was right. That's why we have to go the jumble sale this month to get some more 'Cirencester money.' whahaha

Anyway, I posted this pic this summer on Fb with the caption: 
"Yay!!!! It has arrived!!!  ..Hmm, probably can't return it, now that I have brutally violated it."

22 October 2013

I feel like I have a lot on my mind.
Daily live is busy right now and I can't really focus on anything else but the planting.

I have a gig with the band November first, but all things other then the planting have to take the backseat right now.

And I'm also a bit worried about the discount code for the Convention hotel. It's like a big cloud hoovering above my head. 
I wish they could release it already so I can book. (Or not if all the others were quicker than me. :-D) But then at least I didn't have to worry about that point anymore.

My mind has always worked like that. I just can handle one big project at a time. :-)

But enough with the complaints. :-D

Last week I got some Britisch coins from someone in my neighbourhood. He went to the UK yeeaaarss ago. 
The earliest one is from 1972. Most are from 1983. So we're not a 100% sure that is still valid. :-)

It felt really good to hold it in my hand. I had never seen GBP's in real life. :-D
The things that can make you happy.. whahaha
Here they are:

And I finally finished my trolley. :-D 
I didn't paint my costume yet. I thought it would be wise to test it out on something else first.
Good thing I did. 
I learned some valuable lessons which hopefully result in making the costume really good. :-)

Furthermore you know that my mother and I went to the Jumble Sale last Sunday. 

When I got up that morning at 6, went to the lavatory and saw the dark and the full moon outside I thought: 'What the hell am I doing." whaha 
So by the time we got to the hall I had to wake up and just smile to lift up my spirit. Like you can see on the first pic. :-)

We had really nice neighbours with their cute dog called Dusty. (pic 2)

On picture 3 you can see my mother putting pricetags on her precious stuff. :-) 
Basically everything you see on that picture, except for what's behind her is all ours. So we had some work cut out for us. 
We came by car with a trailer and it was stuffed to the roof. whaha

Our strategy was to sell almost everything for one or two euro's. We thought that would appeal to more people then lifting our prices higher and just sell a few items. 

When we were like half way through the day my mother felt that we hadn't sold enough yet and that she didn't want to take all the junk home again. whaha 
She already knew from me that the car-show that was sceduled in the hall next week was canceled and that the regular sellers like my boss were leaving their stuff behind to pick up where they left of next Sunday.

I was pleased that she wanted to leave our stuff their too so we could come back and try to sell more next week.
My very high aim was to make a 100 euro's and by the quick look I had in our moneybox, we barely had 30, I thought.

For moral support my brother and his sweet girlfriend came to visit us and see how we were doing. (pic 4)
He bought us some egg rolls for lunch so we wouldn't faint during the busy day. :-) I found that really sweet!!

At the end of the day we asked the organisation if it was possible for us too to leave our stuff behind and come back next week. Luckily that wasn't a problem. 
And so our original plan of attending the sale just one time changed and we will be back next week. 
I'm looking forward to it.
We know what sells and what doesn't now and so I dived into my own stuff that Sunday night to see if I could find more things to sell. :-)

We were home by 6 pm. Tired but happy.
My mother counted the money and came to the nice amount of : 57,85 euro's.
Not as much as I hoped, but more than I thought during the Jumble Sale so that is good. :-)

And who knows, maybe next week we'll have that 100 euro's! Even if it costs us 2 Sunday's. :-D 
So wish us luck for coming Sunday. :-D 

I think the trip to Cirencester itself  is settled now.
The ferry has been booked for a while and my mother came up with the idea to spend our first night in the UK close to the harbour.
Not so that we can escape more easily :-) but from her house we have to drive 3 hours to the harbour, then spend at least 6,5 hours on the ferry and from Harwich to Cirencester is about 3 hours too so she feels it would be a bit to much and tiring for her. And as far as I'm concerned she has the last say because she is driving. :-)

So we are staying that first night in the Old Courthouse Inn in Great Bromley.
In Cirencester we'll be staying in Apsley Villa Guest House. Which sounds more expensive than it is, I can asure you that. :-P

Slowly I gave my mother inside in my plans for those days. 
Fearing she wouldn't approve with the whole crusade throught Cirencester and Minchinhampton I had planned.

Sending her pictures of the places I wanted to visit one by one, once a week.
But to my surprise my mother let me know she was really looking forward to it and finally I could send her the whole map of Cirencester with all the marked places on it. whaha

I'm excited. In all the ways you can imagine. 
Nervous in a good way, but also in a worrying way. 
Because everthing is new, I ussually don't sleep well outside my own bed and am at risk for migraine then and of course about the weather.
Nice, all things I can't control. :-) 
I just have to try to look at it as an adventure, a wonderful experience and try to enjoy every bit of it.

Maybe it will help if I think: "How would Gisburne cope?" :-D
Gisburne believes in action and isn't scared easily.
So just dive into it and see what happens!!!
Yes... easier said than done. :-)

28 October 2013

Were you all waiting for the results of the second Jumble Sale? Yes?
Than let me tell you right now. :-D

Because we could leave all our stuff behind last time we didn't have to go so early this time and I was pleased to see that it was already light when I left. :-)
We had 2 part of 2,5 meters. Because one side was a table and the other side we had our things on the floor we decided to put that under the table when we left so we could use the plastic to cover everything. 
When we arrived yesterdaymorning we saw that the organisation made a mistake and thought that space was unused and planned it in for new people who had everything already setting up! 

We were not happy because now our stuff couldn't all fit on the table. 
Across our table was a deserted table so the nice lady of the organisation said we could use that if nobody else came. Again we were not super excited about that because then we had to sit apart from each other all day. 
It wasn't long before the stand was taken by someone else and we had to work with what we had.
We put everything that fitted on the table and soon there were other sellers that try to buy things cheap before the sale opens and then sell it more expensive in their on stand. We didn't mind. We wanted a bit of money and sell as much as we could. Every cent counts! :-)

I noticed that juwelry I brought last time did really well. I don't own expensive juwelry because, well, I'm not rich. whahah So most things I got for free during the years when I ordered at Yves Rocher. In a lot of countries they know that company. It sells cosmetics which aren't tested on animals and environmentally friendly.
I sold those thing for 25 cents a piece. So I scanned my juwelry box for everything I hardly wear and brought it.
One of the other seller bought an old mobile for 20 euro's, my pyramide with statues for 20 euro's and some juwelry for 2,50 so that gave us a flying start... And some more room on the table to put our other stuff on.

There were less other markets and sales in the area then last week so a lot of people came and it was more busy than last week.
Within the hour we had enough empty space to put all our stuff on the table. All because we were very cheap of course. :-D
Our sweet neighbours of last week were there too. :-) They said last week (and this week) that we were way to cheap and we could easily ask more for our stuff. We were convinced it wouldn't sell if we made it to expensive and we were so right I think. Last week they told us that they hadn't even got the money out of it that they paid fot their stand because there were hardly any buyers. 
Then why keep your prices so high? 
On the other side of us we hadn't seen a single costumer buy anything. All they did was read magazines. But okay, that everyone's own choice. :-)

We did really well!! This time we made 85,95 euro's. We thought we made 87,95 eu but I noticed a very strange 2 eu coin. That turned out to be a Thai Baht. Which is worth about 20 cents instead of 2 eu so we totally got ripped off! whhahaha Some people are basterds. :-)

And I sold a big cow that makes sounds (stuffed animal) on the internet for 20 euro. The woman came to pick it up on sunday.
Aaaanndd, today I sold my medieval helmet, you know the one that was way to big and to heavy. (See 'Convention-2014' page) and made 50 euro's off of that. Yay!

So in total with that and last week we made 213,80 euro's. I think that's not bad. I'm proud of us. :-)

Here are some lovely pics I know you all have been waiting for. :-D

Pic 1: Our stuff is waiting for us. We're ready to go! :-D
Pic 2: Me showing off all of our cool things. whaha
Pic 3: We got something from a friend to take to the sale. Except..Nobody knew what is was. :-P So my mother thought it would make a lovely hat. :-D
Pic 4: My brother should open a mental coach and catering business. :-D He and his girlsfriend came to check up on us and buy us lunch again. Do I have a great brother or what? :-D We were very grateful. :-) Thanks again, guys! xx

So that was a little report on the second Jumble Sale. 
If there is more news, you'll be the first to know. :-)

7 November 2013

Magdalena has spoken to the local press of the Gloucestershire Echo about the Tree planting and they wanted to write a piece about it. It comes out today!! 

They have already published it on their website. With a nice pic I had never seen before. Maybe you haven't either.

We're all very excited!

Take a look at: http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Fans-cult-Robin-Sherwood-actor-Robert-Addie/story-20044337-detail/story.html#axzz2jx8R0vjl

10 November 2013

Just a quick message. 

As you maybe have seen from the last entry I have to use a different Text Font.
My host changed a few things including the choice in Font, to no choice at all. I complained, so let's hope they'll change it back soon. 

I also found a beautiful entry in my guestbook this morning from AnneMarie. I think it's a bit silly to always write in my own guestbook to thank you. But I do read all the messages.
So hopefully you will read this. I always am happy when someone writes such a nice piece. :-) I really appreciate it! Thank you!

And last but not least I want you to know that on the day of planting (Wednesday November 20, in case you forgot :-P ) a few of us are meeting at 1.15pm at the Cirencester Town Counsil, Bingham House,       1 Dyer St, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 2PP, to walk together to the Jack Gardner Memorial Gardens, where the planting will start at 2.00pm. So if you want to join us you're very welcome. 

18 November 2013

Sorry I haven't written anything on this page for so long.
I been planning my trip to Cirencester mostly.
But you can plan all you want, in reality you just going to have to wait and see how it all goes. :-)
That's why I thought it would be more handy to write about the trip when I'm back.

I can't believe I'm leaving for the UK tomorrow morning. My mother is excited to come too.
And who knows, maybe I can give her some Robert Addie Education and she starts to like him just like we do. :-P

All my things have been packed, except for a few things I'll add tomorrow morning.
And of course I didn't forget to pack my video- and photocamera. So don't worry! There will be a lot of footage for you to see. :-D
I hope I can load it up coming weekend or monday, my day off. (Yay!)

What more can I say? No, really. Because I can't think straight anymore. whahaha

Looking forward to see some of you the day after tomorrow and others in the chat I hope. :-)

23 December 2013

The people have choosen!
The Charity of your choice is:

Cancer Research UK

Below you can see the end results of the poll:

Now I'm going to let our minister of Finances, Lydia know. :-) and she will make the donation. When that is done I will let you know.

25 November 2013

As you can see I've been organizing the various 'Memorial Tree pages'. 
Some of the pages weren't relevant anymore in their current form now that the Tree is in it´s place, so I merged the pages with all the info here and called it the 'Memorial Tree History' page. 
So you can still read all about how it started and how it all progressed. :-)

The 'Tree Poll' page will be gone eventually when all the bills are paid and the left over money has gone to the Charity of your choice. When that is done you can find everything that was on that page here too.

On the 'Memorial Tree Planting' page you can read all about the Planting itself on 20 November 2013 and my personal experiences in Cirencester.

17 Februari 2014 

Sorry it took me so long to update. Sometimes, daily life is just in the way.
I asked my husband if I could retire from work to have more time for the fandom. But he says we need the money so I guess that's no option. whahaha

But now back to the Tree. :-)
On the 6th of Januari Lydia made the donation. Here is the email she send to the AFML to let us know :

Hi ladies,
I thought you would like to know that I did the donation right now as you can see in the forwarded email below.
Gesendet: Montag, 06. Januar 2014 um 21:21 Uhr
Von: "Cancer Research UK" <donateinmemory@...>
An: lydia73@...
Betreff: Thank you for donating in memory to Cancer Research UK

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for your donation of £60 to Cancer Research UK in memory of Robert Addie.

The reference number for your donation is: 3128125280. Please keep this safe in case you have any queries. You might like to print this email or save it.

On behalf of Cancer Research UK we would like to offer our sincere condolences to you at this time. Donations in memory of a loved one are very special and your donation will help us to achieve our aim of beating cancer.

Cancer Research UK funds the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses in the UK and supports around 200 cancer trials, with over 30,000 volunteers taking part to help us develop new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Your support really will help make a difference to people affected by cancer, helping more people beat cancer in the future.

You can find out more about Cancer Research UK and other ways you can support us in your local area atwww.cancerresearchuk.org/supportus.

If you have any questions about Donate in Memory, please email us at donateinmemory@... or call 0300 123 1864.

Best wishes,

The Donate in Memory team at Cancer Research UK

So with the donation we have completed the Tree Project successfully!!! 

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