Ever wanted your own RoS favorite to come to your house?
                                    Stop dreaming! This is your chance!! :-D

Well, okay. Not the real person, but most defenitely the next best thing! :-D
Take a look at the awesome creations made by Chris Mockridge of Ludicris Cake Toppers!

Of course our very own Guy of Gisburne is amongst them!  Take a look:

                                                             Who could resist his sweet pouty face?

                                                              Or would you rather have the Plaque? :

                 There even is a Mug available! (Picture coming soon. :D)

                       A true Norman can't go without having this lovely soldier in their collection:

For all you Wolfsheads out there, don't deny it! I know you're watching! The merries..

Robin of Loxley and Robert of Huntingdon.
They stole the Plaques and put themselfs on it!! And even the Mugs weren't safe!!! 

Those darn Wolfsheads!!

Nasir Figure
Nasir Plaque
Nasir! A very dangerous rebel. Warn the Sheriff if you see him!

Beware of this villain! He goes by the name of Little John and is armed, as you can see.

Don't underestimate this outlaw! He used to work for the Sheriff. But betrayed him. He's Friar Tuck.

Will Scarlet. Beware of his temper! He's not to be trusted!

As you can see, they have kidnapped our poor old prisoner and Arfur! How dare they!
Return them to the Nottingham Castle dungeon at once!

The figures are handmade of polymer clay. It takes around 2 weeks to complete a figure.
Not all RoS characters are made yet, but their most certainly coming! A little birdy told me that Marion and Much are next. 
I will keep you posted on this page.

A big Thank You! to Chris Mockridge for giving me kind permission to feature his awesome work on this site.

For more/ better pictures and all the other cool stuff from Ludicris Cake Toppers, please visit:
Or visit Chris on Facebook: 


Yay!! Gisburne has his own mug!! :-D

Marion has arrived in Sherwood and has found her Robin to marry.

                                                                                                                        Tuck brought Much to celebrate.

Behold!!! Barron The Belleme is in town! He brought good old cousin Sparrow from Lichfield.
And is that?... Oh my! Even Abbott Hugo is traveling through the forrest today.


Oh No!!! Better watch out!!! The Sheriff is back in Nottingham!!!!!

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