Luckely for us, a lot of performances from Robert are available on Dvd.

Unfortunally not all of it. And some footage has never been seen by all of us. 

In the 80's film tape was expensive and it was re-used a lot. But we always carry the hope that maybe one of you have still something on tape.

So we created a list with all the wishes we have in regarding to Robert Addie footage. 

Please take a look at our list below. Does something seem familiar to you? And do you remember having caught something on tape? You can rock our worlds if you could share. :-D 

Don't hesitate to contact!!!! :-D We'll be for ever greatful.

We already discovered some lost treasures. They can be found under 'GREAT FINDS'  in the list.








- Horse in the House: Strangles part 1 and 2 1979


- Midnight Feast 1982


- Andy Robson: A Two Horse Race 1983


- All for Love: To the Camp and Back 1983

- Good Morning Britain, Episode dated 15 March 1986


- The Brief 1984


- Lost Belongings: The American Friend & Lenny Leaps In 1987


- Pulaski: Tough Guys Don't Blink 1987 (there is only a short compilation on youtube)


- The Endless Game 1990 (again just a short compilation on youtube)


- Noah's Ark: Family Matters 1997


- The Family Affairs, 1999, one episode?


- The Double Dealers


-  Any material you may have of the theater plays he was in.


- Adverts for: Mastercard,  Campbell's Whiskey, and he did local voiceovers.



- Four Minutes (Off to the War) 1986, Many thanks to Magdalena.

- London By Night 2009, Thanks to Alison A. 
This dvd can by found on Amazon. It has a short interview with Robert on it.

- Mr.Kipling Advert

Many thanks to Alison A.


- Nicorette Advert

Many thanks to Stephanie

- Stalky & Co. 

Can be downloaded from: http://thebox.bz/

In return they ask if you can upload something other members request but you don't have to do that right away.

Also uploaded in the Robert Addie Fan Page on Facebook by Yarri H.



- In the Red

For info on gettting a copy email tonytease@live.co.uk

He has a website too: http://www.hard2findculttv.webs.com/

Costs for the dvd were 7 GBP (incl. postal cost to NL in 2012) 

Also on Youtube found by Alison A. Thank You!



- ITV Playhouse : Friends and Other Lovers 

I believe someone put up the links in the Robert Addie Fan Group


But I couldn't find it. So if you want the credits let me know. Here are the Youtube links:

    part1 (of 8)









- Crossbow: The Moment of Truth Part 1 and 2

Also uploaded on Facebook By Yarri H.   

- Crossbow: The Touch (in 2 parts)

- Crossbow: The Spirit of Rebellion (in 2 parts)

 (part 1)

 (part 2)


- 7 minutes of the SA 2003 Convention, guestpanel with Robert.

- Bognor is available on dvd since 2011.

It could be bought at until november 2012. The site is in maintenance so I can't see if it's still available there:


Or look on Amazon.uk or Ebay.


-  Schmidt Kitchens Advert France:


- Ladies in Charge: All That Glitters 1986
Many thanks to Tanja.
There's a short clip on Youtube: 

And it will be released on dvd!!! From 21 October 2013!!!!




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