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                                                         ................................................................ Nice to meet you! 

                             My name is Jolanda,  a very odd, but dedicated 32 year  (2012)  old  'gal'  from the Netherlands.
                                       How my love for Robert Addie began...
                                      When I was in my early teens the show Robin of Sherwood was broadcasted in the                                                                                                                                               Netherlands.                                                                                                                                                                             
                                      If I remember it well, they broadcasted two whole series a year in the Christmas holidays  for about three years in a row.
                                     I really loved it and never forgot. When I discovered Ebay I looked up if the series was available on dvd.
I was pleased to find out that it was. 
                                     When I was reassured I forgot about it for maybe a few years even.
                                     One beautiful day in september 2011 I had a little money left and bought the whole Ros  
                                     collection on dvd.
                                      It was even better than I remembered!
                                     And now that I was older, I understood the story better.
                                     Then I saw the episode: The cross of st. Ciricus. Out of the third series.
                                     I will not spoil it for all of you who did not see it (yet). But when I saw the confession that Guy's mother made to Tuck I fell in love.
                                    You'll probably know that Robert Addie played Sir Guy of Gisburne in the series.
                                    I guess that the bad childhood we both had scooped a band. Suddenly I understood him better.
                                    At first I was just focussed on the character Guy. I liked the fairytale that was Guy and the series.
If I would try to find out who the actor behind Guy was, it would become more realistic and I liked my fairytale.
                                    But Ros had only 26 episodes and I became more and more curious and so, after about five months I went online for research.
                                    I think I first opened a Wikipedia page and there it was:
                                   Robert Addie had died at the age of 43.
                                   I had to recover from this news for a few days.
                                  My dream was shattered. I left the research alone for a while but was still watching one or a              
                                  few Ros Episodes a day. At first I found it hard to watch as I new that my favourite had died.  
                                 And tried in my head to separate Guy from Robert. To a certain extent I managed.
                                 But is was to late. My interest was piqued.
                                 So, back on the net and trying to find out as much as I could about Robert Addie.
                                 And that is pretty much how it all started.
                                 You could say I'm currently making a complete study of Robert Addie.
                                 I became a member of the official Ros fanclub and various Ros- and Robert related (Facebook) sites and when I finally found the courage to sign op for his Fanclub Mailing List I was welcomed with open arms.
                                 It is great to talk about him with other fans.
                                And it is a great way to keep him alive in our hearts.  
                               Do you want to join the Robert Addie Yahoo Mailing List to? Than don't be afraid (like me :P) to sign up at: 


                               You will be most welcome!
                               And now I have made my own fansite because a lot of old links to former fansites aren't working anymore and I've started a Robert Addie Facebook site too. There are about 5 already on there but non of them are active. Both these things made me kind of sad. 
                       You'll find a lot of Guy of Gisburne here.  Just for the simple reason that this was Robert's largest role and there are a lot of pics and so on the net. Lucky for me.:-)

                               You can join my FB group at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/111231759023640/ 
                        And since the 23th of November 2012 Stephanie and me have taken over Richard's page:
                                Robert Addie 1960 - 2003           
                        In 2011 Richard Marquis-Hirsch started this page to commemorate his friend Robert Addie. 
                               Due to personal reasons, this month he wanted to turn the page over to someone else.
                               I (Jolanda) applied because I didn't want to see the site go and together with Stephanie, will make sure that the page wil be preserved for all the fans.

                              Unfortunally, we didn't know Robert Addie personally and don't have personal information like Mr. Marquis-Hirsch did but you can still find those on the page.

                              We saw that a lot of you still make beautiful art, photo's, drawings, music- and video tributes  to honor Robert.
So we would like to make this page a place where you can show your 
creativity and all the wonderful things you make to remember this great man. 
                               I know the fans have not forgotten him. Let's show that to the world!!

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