4 January 2017: Goodbye Market, Hello Pony Annual

Hellooo! And a Happy New Year to you!
It's been a long time since the last update, I know. But I'm never to far away. :D

Unfortunately the RA Marketplace was unsuccesful. It was to be expected. Of course you fans already have all dvd's and books and articles, am I right? Whahaha So that's why I decided to close the market to make place for everything you need to know about the four Pony Annuals Robert is in. :)
So are you uncertain which ones to get? Then make your way over to the Menu and click on 'RA Pony Annual Info'.

29 May 2016: Con Report 2016

I know you had to wait for a looong time for me finishing the Con Report.

But here it is. Go to the 'THM Conventions' tab and choose the 2016 Report in the menu.
Hope you'll enjoy it! :D

31 Januari 2016: Short Con Update. 

For all of you wondering, I have made a very short Con update.
Read all about why I'm still not to excited on the 'THM Conventions' page.

7 August 2015: New Memory

Behold! A new memory on the 'Memories'- page!! :-D
A big thank you to Todd for sharing his story with us.

17 June 2015: Part 8 RA Magazine

Goodmorning!! A wonderful day is ahead. :-D It's my grandpa's birthday and the last part of the RA Magazine is online!

10 June 2015: Part 7 RA Magazine & de Sheriff

Part 7 of the RA Magazine has now been uploaded. This week we look into the stars. :-)
Have fun at the 'RA Magazine' page.

And watch out what you're doing! Because the Sheriff is here! 
A brandnew figurine by Ludicris Caketoppers.
Quickly look in the Menu under 'Art', submenu: 'Ludicris ROS- Art'.

26 May 2015: The Hooded Man Ticket Info

As promised yesterday, you now can find all the information on Tickets for the 2016 Convention on the 'THM Conventions' page.
I also loaded up the 5th part of the RA Magazine. Because I'm out for most of the day tomorrow and I'm worried I'll forget than. Whaha 

25 May 2015: Convention News

There is a new page in town! Finally there is some Con 2016 news! Okay, a little bit. But nevertheless, in the menu you can find the new page under 'THM Conventions.' 
The 'THM Con 2014' page is now a submenu under that button.
I'll keep you posted! :-D

20 May 2015: Part 4

We're half way there. :-D
Have fun with part 4 of the Magazine series. :)

13 May 2015: Part 3

You've all been waiting for this day, I know. :-D
Enjoy part 3 of the RA Magazine.

6 May 2015: Part 2.

You'll be happy to know that part two of the RA Magazine is online!
So rush on over to the 'RA Magzine' page and enjoy!! :-)

30 April 2015: Submenu

As promised yesterday. (see below) :-P I'll let you know under which menu buttons certain pages have been moved under.

The Memorial Tree History is now placed under Memorial Tree Planting.

And under the Divers Page button you can find The Gisburne Diet, My Treasure Chest and My Fanfic.

So if you move your mouse over those menu buttons the submenu appears and you can click on the page of your liking. :-D

29 April 2015: New Page and Layout

Tanja has made us a beautiful RA Magazine in the beginning of this year.
Because it was a brilliant, yet small project we decided to make it bigger by publishing it on the Fansite.

Every week you see a new contribution from one of the girls who gave their kind permission to show it here. There will be 8 parts in total. So be sure to check in every week. :-)

And on the 'Ludicris ROS Art page' you can find some new things like figurines of Marion, Abbott Hugo and keychaines.
Maybe you have noticed that it's not in the Menu anymore. But fear not! I just made it a submenu which will pop-up when you touch the Menu button 'ART'. 

This is a new feature of the page host and I decided to use it to safe some space in the Menu. 
Tomorrow I will make some more changes in the menu but when I do. I'll let you know exactly what I've changed so you can still find your favorite page. :-)

26 March 2015: New Page!

A new wonderful page has been added! 
Take a look at the fantastic work that Ludicris Cake Toppers does.
Not convinced yet? Well, he made Gizzy!!
I knew that would spike your interest. :-D
Now quickly go to the new page in the menu: 'Ludicris RoS-Art.'

7 March 2015: New Memory!

Ladies and Gentleman!

We have a new memory! And not from just anyone. 
No, this time it's our own Friar Tuck, the one and only mr. Phil Rose!!!!!
Thank you Carole for making this possible and thank you, Mr. Rose for sharing this great memory with us!
Take a look on the 'Memory '- Page and enjoy!!

5 January 2015: Happy New Year!!!!!

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015!

I thought I'd start the year out right with some nice new updates on the page. Finally!! Whaha
Feast your eyes on the new Winter- layout, take a look at the New Item on the 'RA MarketPlace' page and enjoy the update on the 'Treasure Chest' page. :-D

6 November 2014: Long time no see.

Hi Everyone, 

I'm sorry I haven't updated the fansite for so long.
Unfortunately daily life sometimes get's in the way.
But as you can see, I've made a quick start by changing the Summer layout in the Autumn style.
In the coming days I hope to make the whole site up to date again. So bear with me please! 

23 June 2014: New Item

To all you shoppers, a new item has been added to the RA Market Place!
Check the 'RA MarketPlace' page. :-)

19 June 2014: I declare the Robert Addie Marketplace to be open! 

Looking for new collectables?
Than I have excellent news for you! :-)
The Market place is open!!! 
Check the new page: "RA MarketPlace."   
Happy Shopping!!! :-)

13 June 2014: Summer Layout

Are you ready for the summer?
Then you will enjoy the summer layout. :-)

31 May 2014: The walk of shame

I had a remark from producer Esta Charkham on Facebook saying that the crew isn't mentioned anywhere in my report. It wasn't meant that serious I think. But I realised she is so right!!!
So I made an update. It's in the report itself underneath all the Con stories.
Sorry Esta. I hope you'll forgive me. :-)

30 May 2014: Con Report

Finally!! :-D I've finished the Con- (And rest of the trip) Report!
It was a lot of work writing and then adjust all the photo's. I underestimated it a bit. :-)
But here it is! Well, on the 'Convention 2014' page.
I hope you'll enjoy reading it! :-)

29 April 2014: Last call :-)

I realised that I still had the Easter layout on here so I changed it into Guy's Fantasy Forrest. 
And I've updated the 'Convention 2014' page probably the last time before the Con. :-)

25 April 2014: Short Update

I've added a few words on the 'Convention-2014' page.
I hope to add the last part before the Con on Monday.

15 April 2014: Easter and a thank you.

It's almost Easter! I hope you all have some great days!
And like the new layout. :-)

Because it's so lame to write in my own guestbook, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Henrike for the beautiful words you left in the Guestbook! :-D

3 April 2014: Con Update

I have updated the 'Convention 2014' page. :-)

31 March 2014: New Memory

Ben Warwick was lucky enough to be a part of ROS in '85-'86.
He played the Chickenboy in Lichfield and was so kind to share a picture and a kind word about Robert.
You can read his lovely story on the 'Memories' page.

21 March 2014: Costume news

Finally found the time to update the Convention 2014 page.
Read all about the Jumble sale and the costume. And what was that about jumping out of a plain? :-)

21 February 2014: Update

Yay! The 'Treasure Chest' page has been updated. :-)
It was more work than I thought.
More updates follow soon and will be listed here.

17 February 2014: Updating has started

Finally! I started to update the pages again. :-)
Today I have removed the 'Tree Poll' page. 
All the info that was on the page can now be read on the 'Memorial Tree History' page.
The last entry to complete this saga has been done. Yay!
In the coming days there will be updates on the 'My Treasure Chest'- and 'Convention 2014' page. But when I have done that I will put it here in the News- section of course. :-)

15 February 2014: New Layout

A nice new winter-but-I-wish-spring-would-come layout is online. :-)
Which of course, I hope you like.

14 February 2014: Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today a Happy Valentine's Layout which I hope you like. :-)

I know I am terribly behind on updating the fansite. I will update the fansite in the coming week.
I've made it my priority! :-D

10 February 2014: Happy Birthday!

Today is Robert's Birthday!!!
We all wish he was still around to celebrate here, but I hope that he's still celebrating in heaven.
Tonight there is the Birthday chat at 20.00 p.m. UK time for fans to get together and talk a bit about Robert and other stuff.
Never been there and want to join?
Please send an email for details.

9 January 2014: Winter time

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good start into 2014!

I'm afraid we can't deny it any longer.. Winter is on it's way!
So I made a nice winter layout and hope you will like it. :-) 

23 December 2013: Tree Poll End Results

The Poll for choosing your favourite Charity is closed!
We have a winner!! Check out the Tree Poll page.

13 December 2013: Christmas is coming!

Just a few week before Christmas. :-)
That asks for a new lay out!
I hope you like it and all have wonderful holidays! :-D

26 November 2013: New Page

The tree has been planted!

As from now you can find all the info about the Tree on the 'Memorial Tree History' page.
We are waiting for the Cirencester Town Counsil to send the bill with overall costs.  Until than the Poll to vote for your favourite Charity (in case we have left over money)  will stay up on the 'Tree Poll' page.

And I made a new page with my personal report on the Planting and my trip around Cirencester.
Curious? Than enjoy reading the 'Memorial Tree Planting' page. :-)

18 November 2013: 'Memorial Day'  Page

As you've already seen, I have put the 'Memorial Day' page up.
It is a bit early but I'm off to Cirencester for the planting tomorrow morning and although I'm taking my laptop, we just have to wait and see if everything works like it should. And I didn't want you to think I forgot.
And I wrote a few words on the 'Memorial Tree Planting' page.

11 November 2013: New Page

When you are already very awake on this monday morning than maybe you have noticed the New Page in the Menu called: 'Why Robert Addie?'  On which I explains what draws me personally to him. :-)
What's the thing that stands out most to you?

10 November 2013: Meeting at the Counsil

A new piece of information about the Planting day you can find on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page today. :-)

7 November 2013: Call the Newspapers!!

The autumn themed Layout is back and we have some exciting news.
A beautiful piece has been written about the planting in the Gloucestershire Echo. Thanks to Magdalena.
Read all about it on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page. There is a link to the online piece as well.

28 October 2013: Jumble Sale- The Sequel and new Counter

Was the second part of the Jumble Sale from yesterday a success you ask?
Well, read all about it on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page.
And I thought it was about time for another Visitor Counter style so I choose something to go with the Halloween mood. 
Hope you like it. :-)

22 October 2013 : New addition

I have wrote an update on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page and hopefully will have time tomorrow to add something to the 'Convention-2014' page as well. Have fun reading. :-)

21 October 2013: Happy Halloween

It's almost Halloween. Brrrrr.. Scary! :-D
What do you think about the Halloween Layout? :-)


19 October 2013 : New Memory

As you may know by now, once in a while I will stalk some ROS fans with questions about Robert Addie, if they were lucky enough to meet him and if they would like to write something for the 'Memories' page.
So I did yesterday and I was delighted to got a responds back so soon this morning.
Please enjoy a new piece written by Anthony Van Pyre.
Thank you so very much for your contribution, Anthony. It's very much appreciated!

6 October 2013: New entries and Announcements

I have wrote a few sentences on the 'Memorial-Tree' page.
Just the planting date and that more about the Tree will be written on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page
Speaking of which, it has a little update. :-)

You maybe also have already seen that  I've made an announcement for the Homepage regarding the date and time of the planting. I hope a few extra people will turn up.
I've also put it on the 'Memorial-Tree' page, 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page and the 'Tree-Poll' page.
So no one can possibly miss it. :-D

5 October 2013:  We have a date!!!

Yay!! We have a planting date!!
It will be November 20th !!! 

For more info, please check the lates entry on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page.

2 October 2013: Updates and new feature!

I've updated the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page and the 'Convention-2014' page.
And I added a new feature to the two newest entries on those pages.
Now you can leave a comment easily. I thought it would make the site a bit more interactive.
Let me know what you think. :-D

27  September 2013: Jo's Occupational Therapy

How to cope with the waiting for the Tree Planting date and details?
Check out my new pursuits of the day on the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page.

26 September 2013: Addition

I have to keep myself busy or else I'm going crazy! :-)
What I've been doing?
You can read that in a new addition to the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page.

24 September 2013: New Page! 'Memorial-Tree-Planting'

A new page is born! 
On the 'Memorial-Tree-Planting' page you can read all about my preperations for the trip to Cirencester and of course, the report of the trip and planting in November.

And a small update has been done on the 'Memorial-Tree' page.
Still no planting date. But I hope to have that soon for you.

22 September 2013: Autumn Lay out

We're all awaiting the precious Tree-plant-date from the Counsil.
But while we wait, we can enjoy the new Autumn Lay out on the Fansite.

1 September: The second Poll is closed! 

The end results of  the second Poll are in!
Read all about it on the 'Tree-Poll' page.
We haven't got a concrete date yet but on the 'Memorial-Tree' Page you can read a short statement from the Counsil.

18 August 2013: New Poll

The new Poll to chose the Text Colour and Font is up now!
You can ofcourse find that Poll and the exciting results of the old Poll on the 'Tree-Poll' page.

17 August 2013: New Lay Out

Tomorrow the poll for the Plaque Text will close.
Isn't it exciting?
I couldn't stand the tensity so to occupy my mind, I decided to make a new Lay Out for the Fansite and the Robert Addie Fanpage on Facebook. :-D

Ofcourse I hope you all like it. :-)
While you're here, please vote. :-) Tomorrow the new Poll will be up.
A big thank you for everyone who already did so.
I'll see you tomorrow, when I bring you the results. :-D

16 August 2013: The polls will close on Sunday!

Cast your votes today or tomorrow because the Polls will close this Sunday.
I just like to thank you for all your support and votes we've already gotten.
It's a great think that we do this all as a fangroup and make it happen!
A new poll (and last one, I hope :-D ) will be up next to vote for the Text Font and Text Colour that the Plaque Company has available.
I hope you all will let your voice be heard again!. :-D

1 August 2013: Short Update Memorial Tree

There isn't a lot of shocking news yet, just a few facts I'd like to share. :-)
Check out the 'Memorial-Tree' page for the latest status. :-D 

25 July 2013: New Summer Lay Out

What would Guy of Gisburne do on his day off and it's as hot as it was here in the last week, you ask?
Well, take a look at the new header and you'll get the idea. :-D

18 July 2013: Happy Anniversary!!!!! 19 July 2013

Today is a big day!
My Robert Addie Fansite is exactly one year old!
That's great opportunaty to celebrate!!!
Although my Facebook group: Robert Addie Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/111231759023640/ , officially has his first anniversary on the 25th of July, I decided to celebrate both on the same day. The 19th. :-D
Before you a new lay out and homepage with a nice message. But just until Saturday. :-)
Why are you putting it up today you ask?
Because I have to be at work tomorrow morning really early and making the announcements in varies groups takes time so I'm a few hours early! :-)
Are you celebrating with me?? :-D


 17 July 2013: The Polls are up!!!

The poll to vote for your favourite plaque text and the poll to vote for you favourite charity are up now!!! :-D
Go to the 'Tree-poll' page to vote and if your new and have no idea what the fuss is about, please check out the 'Memorial-Tree' page for all the ins and outs. :-)
The poll will stay up for about a month.
17 July 2013: Crosbow part 2

Our big Crossbow fan didn't waste time.
The last long-lost episode, Spirit of Rebellion, with Robert is online now:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWnfyG5V9wU (part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfZZpzXxBQ (part 2)

15 July 2013: Crossbow part 1

Hot Crossbow news!!!!!
A great Crossbow fan has started to put Season  3 up on Youtube!
The first ep with Robert (The Touch) can be seen in 2 parts now!
She announced that in the coming days she will load up the rest of the series too, which will includes the last long-lost ep. Spirit of Rebellion with Robert also.
Ofcourse I'll keep you posted when that has happenend.

Here are the links:

5 July 2013: Email Form

The Email Form will stay up a few days longer before we can place the polls to vote for your favourite Text and Charity.
So if you wanted to make a plaque suggestion but felt you had to little time, then take your chance and submit one this weekend! 
We're not sure  how long the Email Form will stay up so grab your opportunity now! :-)

19 June 2013 : Reminder

Have you seen the new reminder on the 'Welcome' page?
Just 1/5 weeks left to submit your plaque text suggestion! 
You can do that using the email form on the 'Memorial-Tree' page. :-D
Where you can also find a very short update.

17 June 2013: New updates

A very happy 83th Birthday to my grandfather! ..Who doesn't have internet and will never read this. whaha. But luckely I've already called him today, and yes, he does have a phone. He's not that old! :-D

But that aside, I have some cool updates for you!
First a short one on 'The-Gisburne-Diet' page and costume news on the 'Convention-2014' page.
As always, hope you like it. :-)

16 June 2013: New look

My website host changed a few things and added some features to use.
For instance, I can add a bigger header. :-D
So I made a few changes and ofcourse hope you like the new look!
Keep an eye on the site for some new updates who will come up in the next weeks.
The poll for the Memorial plaque text will be up in July. (So please send your suggestions in this month!) And there will be some news in the Convention- and Gisburne diet department. :-D

24 May 2013: Plaque Suggestions

You've probably seen the reminder to submit your plaque suggestion.

Please do so before July via the link on the Memorial-Page.

18 May 2013: Happy Pentacost!


Time goes by so fast.

This weekend is the Pentecost. Ofcourse we have a fitting layout. :-)

Have a lovely Pentecost!


9 May 2013: Ascension Day



One day only! ;-) The Ascension Day layout. :-)


28 April 2013: New find! Schmidt Kitchen ad!!


 I'm so happy!!! I just found the Schmidt Kitchen advert made for French Television!!!!

I've added the link to the 'Fan-Wishes' page and you can see it too on the 'Career' page' :-)

24 April 2013: New Memories


A big thank you to Dan and Chad for  precious new stories on the 'Memories' page.

22 April 2013: Reminder



Please send your Plaque suggestions before July!

Then the poll will be up to choose your favourite.

17 April 2013: Announcement


There is a new announcement on the homepage about the Memorial Plaque.

Not every fan is a member of the AddiesFaction Mailing List. Therefor we have created a Email Form where you can easily submit your plaque suggestions. Go to the 'Memorial-Tree'page for all the info and the Form.

14 April 2013: New updates


Today I had a short personal update concerning the Tree Planting. Read all about that on the Memorial-Tree page. :-)

And behold!! There are new additions to the My-Treasure-Chest page. Luckely my husband doesn't often read my site. :-P

And I see my counter is down. The site had over 5300 views already until yesterday. Maybe it can't handle all the visitors. :-P  If the counter site is still out tomorrow I think I'm going to place another one. Probably will have to start from zero, but hey, there are worse things in life. :-)


Update 15 april 2013: the countersite seems to have resolved their issues. My counters have been restored and we don't have to start from zero again. Yay! :-D

13 April 2013: New in the Menu



Today two new menu choices have been added.

Take a look on the rare footage list on 'Fan-Wishes'.

And the plans for Robert's tree are becoming more concreet and deserves his own place so you can read all about that on the 'Memorial-Tree' page. In regarding to that we have some exciting news to share as the plans are become more concreet. 

25 March 2013: Happy Easter!



Ah, Bunnies, sunshine, eggs, spring, little lams, blue skies and green grass.

One week til Easter and ofcourse a new layout.

For all of you who are celebrating the true meaning of Easter and for all of you who are a bit less religious (like me :-) ) 

Happy Easter!!! 

14 March 2013: New updates




 I'm back!!! ...On my diet!  Read about it on 'The-Gisburne-Diet' page. :-D

And another big secret unveiled on the 'Convention-2014' page. :-)




 8 March 2013: Spring please!


 I know, winter is coming back this week in Europe. But I want the Spring! 

So I've made a Spring layout. And hope it works like a raindance. And it will bring the sun back! :-)


25 February 2013: Memorial Tree



The Robert Addie Memorial Tree is almost a fact!!  

On the homepage you can read all about it.

And if you want to make a donation, or contribution to the text on the plaque or if you have a fitting charity in mind, than let yourself be heard! :-D

15 February 2013: New Header


I'm really fed up with winter. And after the happy, colourful Valentine header, I think we could do with some more colour.

So althought the berries are still frozen, at least they can cheer you up a little. :-)


12 February 2013: Happy Valentine's day!


Yes, I know, it's still a little early for the Valentine's Day lay out. But I'm in a romantic mood and before you know it, it'll be over again. :-)

11 February 2013: New Tattoo pics



Some of you have asked me when I will upload the new Tattoo pics. Well, I will do that right NOW!!  :-D Woo Hoo!!!    Because it turned out to become such a large story, I decided to give to tattoo his own page. So all the news and new piccies you can find in the Menu under: Robert-Addie-Tattoo. :-)



10 February 2013: Happy Birthday, Robert.


Time flies by so fast...

Today, sunday Februari 10th, Robert would have turned 53...

Ofcourse the site has a fitting lay out for this very special occasion. :-)

25 January 2013: New updates


I added some new things on the Career Page.

There are some plays I had not added yet and a new branch with his Adverts.

I unfortunally couldn't find all the info to it. So if you happen to know some dates or have more info, don't hesitate to contact me. :-)

Also, you can watch three adverts there.




18 January 2013: Thank you!!



Have you already gotten a big Thank You today?


Then you will be happy to read the new page in the Menu called 'Thank-You.'


13 January 2013: Short update


I wrote a short update on the 'Convention-2014' page and I wanted to share the drawing Bianca made for my tattoo, so you can find that right under the Tattoo Report on the 'Divers-Page' in the menu.

11 January 2013: Secret Project


The New Year has begon. I hope everyone had a good start.

Let's hope for a lot of lovely Robert Addie News the coming year!

I know what your thinking:

'It's the 11th!!  And you promissed to unveil your secret project! Well, is it online already???!!!"

Why yes it is! Check the Divers-Page !




30 December 2012: Happy New Year


A New Year's lay out is visible on the site.

I hope everyone has a good and healthy 2013! 

The picture of Robert with fireworks is ofcourse photoshopped. :-)

24 December 2012: Fan Fic


I've made a new Fanfic Story. And It's kind of Tanja's Christmas present.;-)

So I hope she, and all that read it are going to enjoy. I'll put it on the site within the hour.

19 December 2012: New update


Quickly!!!  Go to the Divers-Page to read the new update regarding the big secret! :-)

16 December 2012: Christmas is here


The holidays are coming! And ofcourse I have made a new header. :-)

On the 'Divers-Page' you can read a different kind of Sherwood story. :-D


11 December 2012: Winter lay out


A beautiful winterwonderland has taken over the layout of the site. I hope you like it.

23 November 2012: Facebook news


Since today Stephanie and me have taken over Richard's page:

Robert Addie 1960 - 2003           


 In 2011 Richard Marquis-Hirsch started this page to commemorate his friend Robert Addie. 

Due to personal reasons, this month he wanted to turn the page over to someone else. 
I (jolanda) applied because I didn't want to see the site go and together with Stephanie, will make sure that the page wil be preserved for all the fans. 

Unfortunally, we didn't know Robert Addie personally and don't have personal pictures and information like Mr. Marquis-Hirsch did but you can still find those on the page. 

We saw that a lot of you still make beautiful art, photo's, drawings, music- and video tributes to honor Robert. So we would like to make this page a place where you can show your creativity and all the wonderful things you make to remember this great man.  

Please like us at: 


19 November 2012: Memorial Day

As you can see I have added a page (Memorial-Day) to commemorate Robert's passing 9 years ago.

I will adjust my Facebook Group lay out in a second as well. On wednesday the site will be 'back to normal'.


And I finally updated the Diet page. I forgot yesterday.:-)

11 November 2012: New updates 

The first of the weekly updates of my Guy of Gisburne Diet are online.  

Every sunday evening I will post the newest updates.


And than I'm very proud and happy to tell that I've got the kind promission of Chris Lambert to post The Addie Tapes and two audio pieces from  a radio interview about 'Tell Tale Heart and Acts of Revenge' and a preview of 'Edmund, Son of  Gloucester.' Which I have put on the 'Soundbites' Page.

A big thank you goes out to Chris Lambert for that. The originals can be found at his own site: 


You find a nice Robert Addie Memorial page there as well. And more information about the theater plays he was in.



4 November 2012: The Gisburne Diet


Are you like me? Always looking for a new diet??

Than try my Guy of Gisburne Diet!!

You can find it in the menu: The-Gisburne-Diet

Want to do the diet together? Than mail me and if you want, I can post your weekly updates on the site as well!! 

Come on!!! It'll be fun!!!

2 November 2012: New Header


Halloween is over and so I've made a new banner.

Let me know how you like the Fall theme.:-)

31 October 2012: Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween everybody!!

As you can see, for today, the site has a new header and background.

Tomorrow all will be back to normal. :-D


28 October 2012: Preview 


I got a new request for a follow up Fanfic story. Who am I to dissapoint my fans. :-P 

So it is in the making. I'll do my best to finish it soon. But I'm working on my costume as well so it may take a while. I don't have a sewing machine so I do everything by hand. I don't mind. It's nice work. :-) And I come along nicely.

Anyway, here's a short preview of the new story. Hope you'll enjoy:


It's early in the morning. 


The sound of hasty footsteps echo through the hall of Castleton Castle.




Guy of Gisburne is looking for his wife.


'Have you seen Joanna?' The people he asks are shaking their heads.


He grabs a servant by his arm: 'Where is Joanna?'


But nobody can tell him.




He woke up this morning to find that his wife had already gotten up.


The sun is shining bright and he feels relieved to find Maria in the gardens looking after and playing with his children.




As soon as his young son and daughter see him they run up to him: Father, father! Will you play with us?'


They are clinging to his legs and he puts his hands on their heads. 


'Later, later. Where is your mother?' 


He looks questioningly at his daughter babbling about ponies and princesses and her older brother stumbling over words, telling a story about his mother being in the forest to pick the best blackberry's because they are so good.




He looks at Maria.


'Joanna had to run some errors."


'What errors?' 


'Some sick to visit. You know her. She said she'll be back soon.' Maria says smiling.



 23 October 2012: Short update


Just made a short update in the Convention section. Hope to have more news shortly.:-)



27 september 2012 : Commemorate Robert



As you know, on november 20th it's already been nine years since Robert passed away.

Do you have Facebook? Than you have to check out the lovely gesture Stephanie started. 


I hope we'll all join in!



18 September 2012 : New Pages


The observant reader has already seen it.

Two new pages have been added.

The first page is called: Convention-2014. As many of you know, I will attend the 2014 Con. This is my first one. Here you can read my thoughts, plans and preparations in the coming two years.:-) I hope I can update that often.


The second page is called: Divers-Page.

Here I will put all the stuff that doesn't really fit on the other pages.

Hope you'll enjoy them!



17 September 2012 : Soundbites


I have added four new soundbites so it's not just Guy of Gisburne anymore.:-)

As from now you can find two Excalibur Soundbites and two Knight in Camelot Soundbites.




Update: 14:17 : My poor 34 sec. slideshow from Absolution has finally been replaced by a respectable  4 minute 05 Absolution slide.



 22 Augustus 2012 : Another Slide :-) 


Behold..Another Slideshow! This time with pics from Stalky & Co.

I made the screenshots but the images were of poor quality so I did the best I could. 


Anyway, bad pictures are better than none at all.:-)



21 August 2012 : New Slide





 I have made a new  'Bognor'  Photo Slideshow.

The old one contained just about 6 photo's so yesterday i made screenshots and replaced the old slide.

Hope you'll enjoy watching it!


20 August 2012 : Little Stalky & Co. video








Some time ago Magdalena requested that i put up a little clip from the Stalky & Co. series.

Just for a little impression. And so I finally did. Here you can see how Stalky & Co. deal with two bullies.

The quality of the images and sound is very poor. The original download was also, so filming with my phone didn't make it any better.

I hope you will enjoy it anyway:









20 August 2012 : New Memory

Gary has wrtitten a great new memory for the Memories- page.

Thank you, Gary. For sharing your story!


19 August 2012 : New Slideshow


I have added a new slideshow with pictures from the original props used in Excalibur, like Mordred's armour.

I Found them on a beautiful site by  Jason Morgan, who gave me his kind permission to use them on my fansite.



It is completely worth the visit:


I have also put three of  his links up in my links section: More-Robert-Addie.



12 August 2012 : In The Red

For all you fans out there that haven't seen In The Red, on request I have put Robert´s parts up on Youtube. It is low quality because I filmed it with my mobile phone and from a laptop to give a short impression.

The series (only 3 parts) is not available on official dvd. Luckely I have found a very nice man who can make you a copy.

 It cost me 7 GBP incl. postal costs.

His mail adress is: tonytease@live.co.uk

He has a website too: http://www.hard2findculttv.webs.com/ 

Robert is in part 3. His scenes start at about 13 minutes in. He is the
lawyer of the accused and his part starts at about 15.20 minutes in. The bit on
25 or so minutes is the last bit.

Again, just a small role but the best part of the whole series. I found the story itself a little dull but ofcourse that is personal taste. :-)

You can find the video here:




 8 August 2012 : Stalky & Co 

About Stalky & Co. : I have found three episode on:  


It is a site where you can download from and then have to put up something else that was requested by other users. If you don't, you can get banned. The episodes i thought i had found are: 1,3 and 5. Then Claire told me she had discovered that these are actually Double episodes!! So that means the series is complete!  


4 August 2012 : Stalky & Co Petition


As some of you may know, Magdalena has started a petition to get the BBC to print Stalky & Co on dvd.

We are trying ofcourse to get more signatures so for you who haven't signed it yet, please go to:


Thank you!!


30 July 2012 : Bognor

Bognor will be available UNTIL the 4th of November 2012 on the Network site!!!!



 26  July 2012 : Another RA FB Group

Stephanie is the owner of another cool Robert Addie Group on Facebook that I wasn't aware of. I just had found the 4 or 5 that weren't active.

I am so glad that she brought it to my attention that she started her group a few months ago.

You can join her Robert Addie - Fan Group here:



25  July 2012 : My RA FB Group

With this site I also have started a Facebook Group. The Robert Addie Fanpage.

The more Robert on the Net, the better!! :-D









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